forestry.jpegAgroforestry is a land-use system in which crops or pasture are grown amongst trees. Burapha incorporates agroforestry into its industrial plantations, combining food and fiber production, to create a more diverse, productive, profitable and ecologically sound landscape. The result is improved sustainability and multiple benefits for local communities.

Burapha Agro-Forestry is working with farmers to ensure they have a combination of cash income from forestry work, access to land to grow crops, and benefit from the Company’s Village Development Fund, improving the livelihood of families.

The seven year rotation period

This rotation circle follows the farmers normal cycle for shifting cultivation.

Year 1 Planting of trees and crops
Year 2 Planting crops when suitable due to shade from the trees
Year 3-7 Cattle grazing
Year 3-4 Thinning operations
Year 7 Clear cut of trees and restart of cycle

The 7-year rotation adopted by Burapha follows the farmer’s normal cycle for shifting cultivation, ensuring that it does not interrupt their traditional food production cycle. However, the Company aims to reduce land degradation by ending the destructive cycle of slash-and-burn and training farmers on improved practices that can maintain crop productivity over longer periods.


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